Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tomorrow's Past (unedited)

Yesterday I was visited by tomorrow's past
Casting smiles and visions of a life once known
Lukewarm happiness fading fast
Digging divots from dreams once sewn

Ushered reminders of unfulfilled destiny
Held by stifling pangs of doubt
Maintaining monuments of what was meant for me
Looking upward while falling south

My life eclipsed by shining stars
As Heaven's angels sing a muted tune
My inner battles turn to outward wars
As light is cast from the sky's new moon

I am met by genesis of a new beginning
Dreams forever circular and never-ending


Ty said...

Nice post. Be sure the check out Cathy's blog. She'll love you.

Kensilo said...

Nice poem Dude!

Omar Ramon said...

i will be back...soon and often

life said...

You're very talented

fuzzy said...
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fuzzy said...

Hey Hey Hey! I had no idea you were a blogger! Cool! and yea, definately check Cathy's stuff out. Its GREAT! Here is the link

WhozHe said...

Nice style of poetry.

Jersey Brotha said...

I likes!

MysTery said...

Nice piece man.

Ebonne said...