Friday, August 22, 2008

The Random, Unexpected and Disjointed Return.

I pose two questions without further elaboration.

The advent of the internet = the death of interpersonal relationships?

Blogging = the death of interpersonal communication?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas, the only black justice on the Supreme Court and argueably the most powerful black man in this country, appointed through controversy and serving in virtual silence, gave his first in depth personal interview with 60 Minutes. I was going to post a blog about my views and opinions on this interview, but I think I'll just post the interview for you to view and leave you to form your own opinions. For those that did not see it and for those that want to experience it again, Clarence Thomas:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Sunday, October 7, 2007

In My Haste

In my rash and foolish haste
of persecution and wayward flight,
I let a good thing go to waste.

Fleeing freedom with fervent pace,
running blind into distant night.
In my rash and foolish haste

Making choices, confusing fate
unsure of what is wrong or right.
I let a good thing go to waste

Propelled by love's confounded hate
enriched with nature's gifted plight.
In my rash and foolish haste

Feigning wisdon in my state
of perplexed judgement and clouded sight.
I let a good thing go to waste

Left with morsels on my plate
I tossed it all as just one might.
In my rash and foolish haste
I let a good thing go to waste

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wolves In the Meadow

So a little background about me. I was born, and for about the first third of my life, raised in Jamaica. For the last two of those years i was raised by my aunt while my mother came to the US, as did a lot of my family, and prepared for me to come join her. We moved to Lakewood NJ, which even though you could find your hood spots, was still considered the suburbs. So now as an adult living in an urban environment I can't claim to have had the urban rearing experience. However, while driving home the other night I was struck by the conditions in which we accept to live.

During the civil war and the civil rights movement, blacks fought an oppressive white racist society and an oppressive unequal government for their freedom and their basic civil rights. So why now when we have acquired both to a greater extent than anytime before in the history of the United States, do black Americans accept the captivity in which we are being enslaved? The poverty stricken urban squallar...held captive not by an oppressive white society, but by drug dealers and gangs that continue to rob our youth of their future. The life-saver gangs that are doing nothing but the opposite. Do we only fight an enemy when they don't look like us? Do we accept this type of oppression of our people because it's coming from our people? or at least people who look like us? Where is the difference in those that would keep us enslaved and those who do nothing more than keep us in poverty and a state perpetual modern day slavery? Have the slave quarters simply been transplanted in the hood? When did we begin to subscribe to the notion of seperate but equal? Gone away are the old "white only" and "black only" signs that used to seperate us, but the color line still exists, only now we're being held back by some of our own people. The Church, once the cornerstones of the black community and a safe haven from the everyday troubles of the outside world, has been replaced by the corner, the hood, the block. This now is the gathering place of our youth, no longer recruited by the church or mentored by their elders, they are recruited by the streets and mentored by the hood and with that the cycle continues and the ellipse just continues to grow larger, engulfing even more of our promised. So when do we realize that yellow bricked road to the land of upliftment and success begins at our front door; by cleaning up the places we call home? Much like any cancer, if left untreated, the condition grows into a state beyond repair. I don't claim to have all the answers to every plight that the black community is now afflicted with, however I do realize that our shephards are really wolves in the meadow and too many people think everything is alright.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tomorrow's Past (unedited)

Yesterday I was visited by tomorrow's past
Casting smiles and visions of a life once known
Lukewarm happiness fading fast
Digging divots from dreams once sewn

Ushered reminders of unfulfilled destiny
Held by stifling pangs of doubt
Maintaining monuments of what was meant for me
Looking upward while falling south

My life eclipsed by shining stars
As Heaven's angels sing a muted tune
My inner battles turn to outward wars
As light is cast from the sky's new moon

I am met by genesis of a new beginning
Dreams forever circular and never-ending

My One (unedited)

My heart leaps and swims in thoughts of you

Diving deep, summoned to depths of a velvet-like hue

Engulfed in rapture, thoughts swirl from your memory

I float on waves of a promised legacy

Days upon days I wait for your return

Intoxicated by memories of a kiss's slow burn

Choking and thrashing, my lungs fill with laughter

Futilely struggling against an uncertain future

Freeing myself from a cumbersome burden

A life-vest of apprehension swept by Poseidon

Thrown in the deep end of your pool of love

I gasp and sink to the bottom, never learned to swim

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Need a Nap

I'm tired of the rat race, commuting two hours for a job I hate
I'm tired of street corners, dudes on blocks selling weed and rocks
I'm tired of seeing black mothers pushing white babies in strollers, I see it everyday
I'm tired of the war, still not sure what they're dieing for
I'm tired of the struggle, black, white, yellow, brown, if you aint got, you aint got
I'm tired of ignorance, if you don't know, ask somebody or go to
I'm tired of begging bums, if I aint got shit, how do you expect me to give you some?
I'm tired of deadbeat fathers, take care of your fucking kids!
I'm tired of niggas praising how they love the hood, you're supposed to rise up outta poverty, not wallow in it stupid!
I'm tired of rap beefs, fuck you and your beef!
I'm tired of hip-hop raising our youth, and doing a fucked up job!
I'm tired of irresponsibility
I'm tired of people saying global warming is a myth, way to be (you know what? See above)
I'm tired of self-pity, get the fuck over it and uplift yourself
I'm tired of OJ's dumb ass!, lock his ass up
I'm tired of a poor education system failing our kids
I'm tired of The Rockefeller Drug Laws
I'm tired of cases like the Jena Six! Not being in the media
I'm tired of the lopsided media
I'm tired of partisan politics and people who only vote within their party even when they know their candidate is fucked up
I'm tired of people who don't vote! Shut the fuck up and stop complaining
I'm tired of complaining, I'm gonna go take a nap.