Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Need a Nap

I'm tired of the rat race, commuting two hours for a job I hate
I'm tired of street corners, dudes on blocks selling weed and rocks
I'm tired of seeing black mothers pushing white babies in strollers, I see it everyday
I'm tired of the war, still not sure what they're dieing for
I'm tired of the struggle, black, white, yellow, brown, if you aint got, you aint got
I'm tired of ignorance, if you don't know, ask somebody or go to
I'm tired of begging bums, if I aint got shit, how do you expect me to give you some?
I'm tired of deadbeat fathers, take care of your fucking kids!
I'm tired of niggas praising how they love the hood, you're supposed to rise up outta poverty, not wallow in it stupid!
I'm tired of rap beefs, fuck you and your beef!
I'm tired of hip-hop raising our youth, and doing a fucked up job!
I'm tired of irresponsibility
I'm tired of people saying global warming is a myth, way to be (you know what? See above)
I'm tired of self-pity, get the fuck over it and uplift yourself
I'm tired of OJ's dumb ass!, lock his ass up
I'm tired of a poor education system failing our kids
I'm tired of The Rockefeller Drug Laws
I'm tired of cases like the Jena Six! Not being in the media
I'm tired of the lopsided media
I'm tired of partisan politics and people who only vote within their party even when they know their candidate is fucked up
I'm tired of people who don't vote! Shut the fuck up and stop complaining
I'm tired of complaining, I'm gonna go take a nap.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmmmmmm...Interesting Lil Dred.

Imma take it that the global warming comment was for me. Too bad! LoL.

Karla said...

Its exhausting to think about all the issues that we are faced with.

Michael-Christopher said...

Wow, now I need a nap! LOL

ShawnQt said...

After a nap... comes a dream! So lets follow and make something happen!

Aaron said...

You ain't never lied! I'm taking a nap too.

but I'm gonna wake up and do something.

Daemian said...

A nap is only a temporary relief. I spent some time bartending in Newark and had to leave it simply because I was tired of "The man is keeping us down!" bs day in and day out. I was tired of drug dealers having mad bling but living in a delapidated house with no water or electricity. I mean really, if you are gonna sell drugs at least do something smart with the money. I got tired of seeing cracked out women coming in with a handful of change that barely amounts to 50 cents to try and score even a residue of crack. Just tired of the dumb shit.

Ty said...

Global warming isn't a myth?!? Maybe I should read a book, maybe even a newspaper. lol

Great post and I need nap but that's because I just didn't get enough sleep.

ThisMightBeMe said...

Like how you formulated that...nice work and true

Promiscuous X said...

Very interesting. My 1st time reading your blog. We all know why Jena 6 wasn't in the news. They would rather talk about what's over seas an other bullshit that they report then what's in our own back yard. Its late, forget a nap I'm going to sleep lol. Great post sir.

So Fa Real said...

Damn i hate you. i just soiled my clothes with tears that boiled from an enraged place deep with my soul that when provoked to emote im like katrina but only after the storm so i dont even like gettin in that mode. see like you i need a nap cause i be bout to slap some of the same idiots that constantly work my nerves but im only human so my character you might have to grade on a curve. me i try not to worry so i just deal with the shit and try to get out fo' i get bit. .

So Fa Real said...

By the way, i dont really hate you.